Up Up and AWESOME!

I’ve been dying to do a movie review blog for quite some time now. I was actually going to start about 6 weeks ago, but decided to wait. What for? I decided to wait for the release of Warner Bro’s “Man of Steel”. Anyone who knows me, would understand why. I am a self-admitted comic book fan. I am a comic book reader, and if I am being completely honest, a geek. And to add yet ANOTHER disclaimer, of all the superheroes and mutants in the known galaxy, Superman is my favorite. Some people think that because of such said facts, my review of “Man of Steel” is automatically void. They believe that I will “like any Superman movie no matter what the movie is.” Those people would be very wrong. I am actually the “fan boy” you hear and read about when movies are transferred from literature. (YES, I count comic books as literature.) I am the one that film makers HAVE TO impress. With that said, lets move on to the review.

Man Of Steel – June 14, 2013 – Warner Bros.  – 143 minutes – PG-13:

Jeez Louise, this movie was SUPER! Man of Steel leaps past Superman movies in a single bound. It’s story, directing & script are stronger than a locomotive. Okay, okay, I’m done with the puns, I swear.  Point is, that this movie is amazing. I don’t think most moviegoers understand how difficult it is to write a good Superman movie. Zack Snyder (300, Sucker Punch) did a wonderful job of bringing to life David S. Goyer & Christopher Nolan's (Dark Knight series) terrific script/story. Superman is 75 years old and has been written by dozens, if not hundreds, of people throughout those years. And when ol Sups has been brought to the big screen, it is very difficult to show him vulnerable. That is unless of course, you have a little green glowing piece of rock from his home planet. Lets be honest, that has been done (and overdone) time & time again. In fact, EVERY Superman movie in the last 40 years has Kryptonite… until now. What Man of Steel has done so masterfully is focus on the inner struggle that an alien with powers of a GOD goes through. It’s the struggle of not knowing who you really are and where you really come from that drives Clark and what makes him a Superman. Ask yourself what you would do if you had the power that Clark has. His super human strength, speed, ability to fly… would you really protect people? Everyone? Really? Or would you just do things to make YOUR life better? The fact that Clark had the parents & adopted parents that he did, is what makes him so great. It is what makes him the greatest superhero of all time. And Man of Steel has showed all of that perfectly. Now, don’t think that all of this means that the film is all talk. Far from it. FAR. The action scenes are every bit as great as the comic books portray it. We get so much action that my mind actually got worried for the cities and towns that were obliviated.  Man of Steel gives us so much more of everything that no other Superman movie has given us, that the only thing I wanted to see more of, was Clark Kent at the Daily Planet. But that’s ok. More action and the fact that the movie opens up with an extended scene in Krypton, (something that no other Superman movie has ever shown us), is a great trade off.

Man of Steel is the best movie of the year. It is the best Superman movie ever made. It is the best Superhero movie ever.  It instantly made my ‘Favorite 3’ movies list. 

My final Grade: A+